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A '70s baby who grew up on Cornwall's south coast but is a north coast fixture now. Mother to five (two children, three stepchildren) and hoarding a total of 16 grandchildren thanks to a finely blended family: seven little, three big, six great-grandchildren.
Compelled to be a writer since she could hold a crayon, a calling which has prompted a life of small adventures and a lot of diary entries, some of which have made their way into print.
Loves outdoor living and being, hence she rents a home but owns a bit of land and a daunting list of plans. 

'We've been building our skill sets for years! Dreams are hard work. Having a martial art helps I think, it gives you the mental and physical toughness to get the rotten jobs done.'

Lisa is a 4th Dan Black Belt, she has been teaching Tae Kwon-Do since 2011, her husband Guy is a 6th Dan International Instructor. 

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